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Purchasing Card

Obtaining an ID purchasing card

The University of Delaware uses a Procurement Card program (currently MasterCard) for day-to-day departmental needs. The Procurement Card program gives users the flexibility to purchase items on an as-needed basis and allocate those expenses to the appropriate University account.

If you are a graduate student or post doctorate, discuss with your faculty advisor your interest in obtaining a purchasing card.  Not every graduate student must have a purchasing card.  Your advisor may believe there are enough students in the group that have purchasing cards.

If your faculty advisor approves your request for a purchasing card, you will first need to complete the University’s Purchasing Card training, which is available on the web at TRAINING.

After viewing the training, please send an email to Kim Norem indicating that you have completed training.  You should indicate how you would like your name to appear on your purchasing card.  Kim will complete the Purchasing Card Enrollment Form and will put this in your mailbox.  Please sign the enrollment form and return it to Kim.  It will be forwarded to the Procurement Services.  Kim will email you once your card has been received for pick up.  It normally takes approximately two weeks for cards to be issued.

Use of the Procurement Card is governed by University Police 5-22.  Please refer to the policy for specific requirements and conditions regarding the program.

To Report a lost or stolen purchasing car or fraudulent charges contact Kim immediately.

Purchasing Card Statement

A purchasing card statement will be sent to you each month that you have card activity.  After reviewing the statement to verify that all charges are correct, please sign statement and submit it to Kim with the appropriate receipts.

The above procedure applies to faculty, staff, and students obtaining a purchasing card.

Purchases over $5,000

Request through Kim.  Requisition sent to Procurement electronically for approval.  A sales quote must be attached. 

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