ECE Business Operations

ECE Business Operations



Business Expense Reimbursement

When you return from your trip, you will need to reconcile all of your travel expenses by submitting receipts and funding information.

Following is the procedure to be used for processing the electronic BER in department.  Please follow these directions so that your reimbursement will not be delayed.

  • Complete all information for your reimbursement- proved all required information for your trip.  Items that were paid through the University system previously (i.e., airline tickets and/or registration fees paid with your Purchasing Card) should be listed on the BER as “direct bill”.  These amounts are deducted from the amount you will be reimbursed at the bottom of the form.  If you pay for meals for more than just yourself please indicate who the meal was for and the amount.  Many people in the department are funded from separate projects and we need to charge the appropriate project for that person’s meals.  If you pay for someone’s hotel room or if you drive separate people to a conference we will split the hotel and mileage costs among the participants so that the appropriate project can be charged.
  • Once the business office has completed their review they will then route it for approval.
  • For all graduate students and post docs - unless you indicate otherwise - your travel expenditures will be allocated to the same award/purpose on which you are paid.  If you have a specific award/purpose to which this BER should be allocated, provide this information.
  • For all faculty and staff- you must indicate where you wish for your BER to be charged.  You can request per item line where that item should be allocated or you can indicate that the entire reimbursement should be allocated to one award/purpose.
  • If you have problems completing the form or questions regarding the departmental procedure please contact your purpose administrator.

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