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Academics - Graduate Program

Graduate Student/Visiting Scholar Exit Procedures

The College of Engineering has adopted the following procedures which need to be completed by each graduate student, post doc, and visiting scholar before leaving the University. (Staff: please initial each area that you checked.) 

Date _____________________________

Name _________________________________   ID# ____________________________

Advisor ________________________________

Reason for Departure _____________________________________________

1.  Before leaving the University of Delaware, please see main office administrative assistant (136 Evans Hall) to return keys to your office/lab. The refund of your deposit will be mailed to you. If your address is different than what is listed on UDSIS, please provide an address to mail the check to:

           Address: ______________________________________________




             Cell #      ________________________________

Amount Owed $ ______________

2.  Please bring the form to Amber Spivey in room 136 Evans Hall and if applicable return the following:

  • Department credit card (if you have one)
  • Your UD ID card for Visiting Scholars and any one whose card is marked "DEPARTMENT" – graduate students DO NOT need to turn in their ID card.

3. Bring form to Karen DiStefano in 142 Evans Hall.

Items to be completed by Karen:

  • Take credit card to ECE Procurement Representative (if necessary)
  • Scan form and email to ECE Procurement Representative
  • Send ID cards to Student Services ID Card Office - Lovett Street
  • Give a copy of completed Grad form to Grad Academic Advisor (remove name from directory/website).
  • Give original form to Business Administrator for her to process with HR.

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