Graduate Program

Ph.D. Degree Requirement Check Sheet

(For Students with a Master’s Degree)

Full descriptions of degree requirements are in the Electrical Computer Graduate Policy.  The requirements are summarized here for your convenience.  Please utilize this information when planning your program and completing the Research & Course Plan Form.

Minimum Credit Requirements:

Six (6) Credits of Electrical & Computer Engineering Foundation Courses (Outside of your area of concentration):

________________________________________  - 3 Credits

      (Course #, Title and Semester Taken)                                  

________________________________________  - 3 Credits

      (Course #, Title and Semester Taken)     

Additional Requirements & Milestones:

__Nine (9) Credits of Doctoral Dissertation (ELEG 969):  Note that only students in candidacy (G2 status) can register for ELEG 969 and that these credits can be spread across several semesters.  G1 Students can register for pre-candidacy study (ELEG 964).  Pre-candidacy credits completed during a given semester can be converted to Doctoral Dissertation credits if the student achieves candidacy (G2) during that same semester, or prior to the end of the drop/add period in the next semester.

Semester(s) Taken _________________________________________________

__Ph.D. Qualifying Examination (must be complete within two years of admission, and can be taken at most twice).  Date Completed: ________________

__Pre-Dissertation Examination (Ph.D. Proposal):  Candidates must complete this within one and a half (1.5) years of passing the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination.  This involves an in-depth written abstract and presentation of the student’s thesis proposal to members of his/her committee.  Contact the graduate secretary a minimum of three weeks prior to the anticipated date to schedule this and complete the required forms.   Date Completed: ________________

When you have completed the above and all desired courses, please see or email Gwen Looby.  She will get you registered for Sustaining Status, at which point you will no longer take courses, focusing exclusively on research.  All students, including sustaining students, must be registered in the semester in which the degree is officially awarded.  

__Final Oral Examination (Ph.D. Defense):  In the final oral examination, the student presents the results of his/her dissertation research to members of the faculty.  The format of the presentation is that of a seminar in which questions from the audience take the place of formal exam questions.   Date Completed: ________________

After completion of the above, please see Steps to Take for Students Who Are About to Complete Their Ph.D. Degree.

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