Alumni Unplugged - Electrical and Computer Engineering at UD

Alumni Unplugged

Wednesday, February 22 - James Dodd

4-5 p.m. | Room 204 Evans | Pizza will be served

Jim Dodd worked as an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Delaware for Peter Warter from 1986 to 1988. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering in June of 1988. He then attended UC Santa Barbara from 1988 to 1992 and received an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1990, and completed his PhD in 1992. He began working at Intel Corporation in 1991 as an intern. His work at Intel has included a wide range of fields including ASIC design, CPU Architecture, DRAM Architecture, Wireless Networking, and 3D Graphics. Jim has received over 50 US patents and trade-secret disclosures. He is currently a Principal Engineer in Visual and Parallel Computing Group.

Friday, February 24 - Janine Barbacane

4-5 p.m. | Room 204 Evans | Pizza will be served

Janine Barbacane graduated from Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2001 and is currently a Federal Account Executive at Oracle where she creates and manages client relationships for Oracle's key accounts, meeting assigned expectations for profitability year over year. She also leads a multidisciplinary account team that includes sales, engineering, product development, marketing, and support in order to deliver on customer expectations, meet key account performance objectives, and accelerate pipeline creation and growth.

Thursday, April 13 - Vince Fazio & Roy Collins

4-5 p.m. | Room 204 Evans | Pizza will be served

Vince Fazio graduated in 2010 from the University of Delaware with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He went on to earn his MS in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Power Systems from Drexel University. His career started as an intern at Delmarva Power (an Exelon Company) in 2008 and continued to full time employment in the System Protection Department starting in 2010. After two years, Vince took employment in the Substation Engineering Department where he currently works as a Senior Engineer. Daily job tasks include detailed design for substation construction projects, material specifications, and project management.

Roy Collins holds a BS in Economics and in Mechanical Engineering (2011) and an MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an MBA (2013) from the University of Delaware. He is currently a Support Engineer for Substation Electric Maintenance at Delmarva Power.

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